If you:

  • Have any questions, comments, suggestions.
  • Live in the New York area and interested in bringing Nomnivorous into your life. Need some homemade dips and crackers to start your party. Cake pops to end the evening.
  • Want someone to take care of your entire dinner party.
  • Looking for homemade lunches for your work week.
  • Just want some unique condiments, jams, pickles and other preserved goodies for everyday use.
  • Maybe you’re looking to learn more about basics of cooking or baking in your own home.

Email me, I’ll work with you to make life delicious.

Or tweet me! Follow me at @nomnivorous, where I tweet about yummy things. Random thoughts, rants and other blabs come out of @EmilyHanhan too.

Shoot me a question of Facebook if email or Twitter isn’t your thing. I’m there too, come check out the growing community.