losing it.

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Sometime late last year, I lost it. I’m not sure when it happened or what caused it specifically but all creative energy just leaked right out of me. Cooking became a chore. Or simply something I wasn’t inspired by nor could afford to be playful with. My brain couldn’t grasp excess words beyond “Thank you” to the Thai food delivery guys.

Spring is usually a time of renewal for me in the personal and culinary senses. It hasn’t quite been that way this year either but I’m trying. My friend recommended a writing accountability group to help encourage one another to make goals each week and keep them. So I joined – because I miss this place. With time, some new recipes will join these words. Consider this a check-in.

And a survey:
So what inspires you currently?
What are you cooking these days?
How do you get back on the horse?

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  1. So happy you’ve checked in and look forward to seeing some deliciousness soon. I can completely relate to feeling uninspired and like cooking can become a chore. Burnout. It’s the worst! A break sounds like it was much needed.

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