iced almond frappe

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About two weeks ago, my life changed a bit. In the long-term, it’s for the better. In the short-term? Well, it’s gonna be a little rough around here.

Laid off would be the term to describe me. Unemployed, waiting for unemployment to ever go into effect. The fashion industry is definitely hurting and I am just one of many victims of downsizing. It is the kick in the pants I need, but it sucks.

So for now, no more wasting money on snacks at Duane Reade. No more mediocre midtown lunches. And no more coffee shops. [Well, a lot less buying and eating out in general.] Eating at home can get boring when it is all that you’re doing. So I’m already on boredom watch, keeping flavors interesting when possible.

That definitely includes beverages. Iced coffee is my crack, year around. But milky, sweet, extra icy cold brew, that’s what summer is all around. As a fanatic of greek frappes, I’ve been curious to make them at home. It’s rare to find a simple frappe at most coffee shops anyway, so why not try it at home? My ancient Magic Bullet blender whipped up a drink surprisingly smooth, perfectly balanced and so, so good. It’s almost like dessert for breakfast, but way less guilt-inducing.

And a side note about ingredients: vanilla almond milk is becoming my favorite coffee addition. Not only is it affordable, but it lasts longer than cow’s milk and the nutty flavor pairs very nicely with coffee without shouting almond!!! Feel free to use dairy or your milk substitute of choice, but if you’ve never tried almond milk – give it a go!

Whether the budget is tight or lose, skip the coffee shop the next time you need some sweet, sweet caffeine. Coffee at home is just as special, delicious and energizing.

iced almond frappe


  • 8 oz iced coffee [see recipe below]
  • 6 oz ice
  • 2 oz almond milk
  • 1-2 tablespoons granulated sugar


  1. In a blender large or small, combine all ingredients and blend until smooth. Pour into one glass or two, depending on how greedy you're feeling!

iced coffee


  • 10 cups [80 ounces] cold water
  • 8 ounces [1/2 pound] coffee, finely ground


  1. In a large pitcher or plastic container, combine the water and coffee grounds. Stir well and refrigerate for 12-24 hours.
  2. Filter the coffee. Line a fine mesh sieve with a coffee filter and dampen the filter. Pour the coffee through the filter, stirring the grounds often to keep the liquid moving.
  3. Once filtered, store the coffee in an airtight pitcher or container. Stays fresh for 1-2 weeks in the refrigerator.

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  1. First of all, I’m sorry to hear that you have been laid off. =(

    I have become a recent convert of almond milk as well. It is so delicious!

  2. Getting laid off sucks, I’ve been through it, and you’ll get to the other side soon enough! Cheers on keeping your food interesting at home. I’m sure you’ll keep finding great tricks like this one!

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