blackberry thyme brown butter bars

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Update – July 2012: Hey! If you’ve just found this post, please check out my newer version of this recipe. It’s a much better representation of these bars.

Between recovering from a fantastic birthday and Thanksgiving weekend, tackling some big work projects AND the inaugural supper of Whiskey &a Salt Supper Club this weekend, life is crazed. Delicious and awesome but insane. So here’s a delicious and awesome recipe that was unearthed from my draft queue. It’s so good, I’ll post it without pictures AND out of season. Seriously scrumptious. Whether you squirreled away some farm-picked berries in your freezer or you can track down some quality fresh or frozen berries at your grocer, give these bars a go.

Bonus! I found one measly picture of the bars.

There are times when you just know a recipe is going to lead to delicious things. When I spied these cherry brown butter bars over two years ago on my favorite cooking site, my heart skipped a beat. A fruit tart translated into a more approachable, easily transported bar. Quite possibly my favorite fruit enveloped in my favorite fat.

But when does a pound of cherries ever, ya know, survive between the market and the kitchen! I’ve made this recipe multiple times and I’m not sure if cherries have actually made it to any of the bars. But blackberries, just as equally a match made in heaven. You still get a juicy, winey fruit mingling with creamy baked custard and buttery crust, But of course, the last time I made these bars, I couldn’t help but tinker a bit more.

Has my obsession with fresh thyme reared its head around here yet? There were the delicious thyme roasted carrots, but seriously, this might be my favorite herb. Picking up a bunch at the farmer’s market recently, and having way more thyme than two people can reasonably use, it’s been popping up in a lot of recipes around my kitchen. Have you seen Olga’s peach creme fraiche pie with thyme crust (and moving post)? Yeah, Jennifer Perillo knows what she’s doing, adding thyme to a fruit-filled crust is absolutely genius. And why limit the browned butter to custard only? If part of the butter needs to be browned anyway, just throw the other half in as well to brown. So a thyme browned butter crust was born.

Thyme’s woody, fresh, intoxicating scent is an amazing pair with fresh blackberries, and it pulls recipe up a few more notches towards dessert heaven. This is my ideal seasonal transition treat – mostly focused on the summer fruit with a fresh twist, but simple, rich and decadent for the cooler nights. Grab some berries (your choice) before they’re gone, swing by my place for plenty of thyme, and make these bars!

Recipe has been removed. Please click over to my newer version of this recipe. You will be happy you did.

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